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Enhance your bulk SMS messaging capabilities. Efficiently and intuitively send and receive bulk SMS online, create personalized dynamic templates, and get comprehensive customized reports.


Paycall’s bulk SMS system makes sending and receiving bulk messages a breeze.

With our cutting-edge AI technology, you can send and receive bulk SMS effortlessly and effectively.

Personalize your messages with dynamic templates, and track and measure your campaigns’ effectiveness with comprehensive, customized reports.

Make your SMS marketing process effortless with engaging and impactful messaging using Paycall’s bulk SMS service.


Who’s the service for?

  • Companies with customer clubs
  • Companies that want to keep in touch and update customers
  • Sales promotion for businesses
  • Management of targeted marketing campaigns
  • Sending internal corporate messages
  • For increasing the security and authentication – OTP
  • Sending messages and updates about process status (for example: order status, appointment)

The process

Our bulk SMS platform allows any business, large or small, to send messages through a simple and friendly interface, without the need to install or download software.

Do it yourself – Through the web portal interface you can enter all the settings yourself – recipient numbers, texts, schedule and more.

The system allows sending messages 24/7 automatically to an unlimited number of recipients.

We provide virtual numbers in more than 80 countries for Inbound & Outbound SMS.


what did our user saying about this solution

Gil Vaaknin
Director of Development, Content and Product

After years of working with Paycall’s tools, we’re extremely satisfied with their excellent system and service.

We highly recommend them.

Media Google

We’ve used Paycall since 2018 to measure calls accurately and efficiently. It helps us provide detailed reports and tools to optimize ad spending and generate more conversions for our clients.

Their customer service is always professional and courteous, even outside of business hours. Highly recommended for any business!

Homely Sites Ltd

We have been working with Paycall in the WhatsApp, SMS and call measurement services for over three years.

The scope of the work is intensive and provides a response to Homely customers through the excellent technology, the efficient service and the attractive price of Paycall.

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