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Service center management system
January 23, 2023

Production of advanced reports
Google Data Studio

One of the most useful tools from Google today is Google Data Studio. This great tool is a tool that should connect all of Google’s tools and systems in one tool that will allow you to produce designed, detailed and personalized reports for your needs, filter out “background noise” and irrelevant data and enjoy a neat and pleasing display that you can easily analyze for performance improvement. This tool is primarily designed to synchronize data from various Google tools:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads (Google’s sponsored advertising system)
  • Google Search Console
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • and more

One of the great advantages of Google Data Studio is the possibility to connect it to dozens of different providers for data tracking and campaign performance needs. These are installed as external plugins and interface via an API connection. You can view the reports live, generate a download file for your computer and more.

Generating reports easily with
Google Data Studio

Production of designed reports using Google Data Studio can help you see in a macro (and micro) view the various data of your campaigns, of the phone calls you make at your service center, of the leads you receive from the various Google tools, and you can even connect the system to other tools using external plugins and synchronize the information.

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The information will be presented in well-designed, organized and pleasing to the eye reports. You can design the reports as you wish. Add and remove the presentation of certain data according to your needs. You can find a lot of additional information segmented by campaigns in different marketing channels that you use at the same time, analyze the data and improve performance. The designed reports also allow for a clearer and more organized analysis of the data. It will be possible to view live reports or convert reports for printing or reading on a computer. Paycall can also be programmed for the purpose of managing and monitoring calls with customers at your service center.

Connecting the PAYCALL system to
Google Data Studio

PAYCALL is a company that provides advanced communication solutions for various businesses and organizations. Among other things, the company provides switchboard services, call management and recording, call analysis, sentiment analysis, and more. Most of the company’s tools can be synchronized with your Google Data Studio user and vice versa – to transfer data from Google Data Studio to your user in Paycool.

This way you can manage all your data in one place, through Paycol’s system, in an orderly and professional manner. The system will produce designed reports for you through the synchronization with the Paycol system when the data collected will be related to your business. Starting with the number of calls answered at the service center, through call times, live status of calls, call dates, who the customers and who the representatives talked to, the hours of receiving the calls and many other different data that would be good for you to have for data analysis and performance improvement in the organization.

To connect Paycall’s system to Google Data Studio, you will need to open an API through your PAYCALL user and contact the company through your user who will activate your option and allow the data to flow and synchronize.

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